Michael Westbay

The mission of my work is to help people use their own strengths & inner resources, to create more possibilities and develop a plan to achieve these goals and dreams. I specialize in Focused Possibilities Counseling where I will design unique programs of counseling for you that can help you to get out of your own way, determine what you really want and help you find and follow your destiny toward achieving a more truly meaningful life. 

Our destiny is to find our passion.


I specialize in Mindful Relationship Building learning to understand how we communicate our thoughts, our ideas, our goals and our visions of the future. In workshops with couples and in one to one sessions I focus on building skills such as listening, awareness, and communication; the keys to establishing life long personal relationships. 

I am a graduate of Columbia University in New York City. My experience spans three decades, working with individuals, couples, families and groups. My post graduate training is extensive and on-going: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – a way to relieve past trauma). The Voice Diologue Method (a specific method developed to explore what makes you who you are). Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) promoting emotional well-being with long term results. Mindfulness and meditation theory and loss and grief work. 

I have given many talks, presentations and workshops to our community. Speaking at Sandia National Labs on Navigating the Winds of Uncertainty. The Rewriting Love Stories workshop at Outcomes, Inc and Town of Bernalillo Public Library as well as on the radio: The Women’s Room with Kari Brandenburg KKOB-AM and TV CBS Channel 13 News “Keeping Love Alive”. 

Publications include: Navigating the Winds on UncertaintyJournal of Empolyee Assistance, Vol. 39 No 2 – 2nd Quarter 2009.

 Call today and begin your possibilities! 505-688-9221

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